$100,000 Dream Big Teacher Challenge

Are you a teacher with a big dream that has the potential to impact the lives of the children and families in your school and community? Is funding the only thing standing between you and the realization of that dream? Then Thank a Million Teachers invites you to step up to the $100,000 Dream Big Teacher Challenge and submit your proposal for one of five grants of up to $100,000 that we will be awarding in 2014.

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Unlike our $2,500 grant program where the proposal submission process is quick and easy, the Dream Big Challenge asks you to provide not only a detailed description of the project but an itemized breakdown of budget, supplies, staff hours and reasonable timelines to execute your Dream Big Challenge idea. Please review all of the requirements and guidelines and COMPLETELY fill out your Dream Big Challenge proposal. Good luck!

In order to be considered for the grant a teacher must

  • Be a current K through 12 teacher in the United States
  • Have received a thank you post on ThankAMillionTeachers.com
  • Have submitted a proposal for a $2,500 grant on ThankAMillionTeachers.com (applicant need not have won or been awarded the grant)
  • Submit a qualified $100,000 Dream Big Teacher Challenge proposal form on ThankAMillionTeachers.com
  • Postmark or email the Thank a Million Dream Big Challenge grant application no later than 11:59:59 pm PDT, July 31, 2014, and met all of the requirements outlined in the Terms & Conditions
  • Note: Family members of Farmers Employees, Agents and other affiliated entities are ineligible for grants. Refer to the Terms & Conditions for complete details

How will proposals be selected?

Proposals will be accepted via email or post from May 2014, through 11:59:59 pm PDT, July 31, 2014. They will be reviewed and evaluated by the Dream Big Challenge review committee. Fifteen (15) finalists, three (3) from each of the zones outlined in the terms and conditions, will be selected by the Dream Big Challenge review committee. The finalists will be notified no later than September 8, 2014, and their proposals will be posted on the Thank a Million Teachers website no later than October 1, 2014, for voting through 11:59:59 pm PST, November 30, 2014. The top vote getter in each of the five zones will be notified no later than December 8, 2014.

Guidelines, FAQ and Terms

Reviewing the $100,000 Dream Big Teacher Challenge guidelines and FAQs will help you in your submission process. Please also read the Terms & Conditions so that you fully understand the rules of the competition.

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