Grant Awardees

  • A. Freeze
    A. Freeze, Van Buren R-1, Van Buren, MO

    Fresh Start in Fourth

    I am a seventh year teacher, moving into a fourth grade position. I am moving into a classroom that is very limited on supplies and resources. The classroom library consists of 15-20 books. There are no learning games or other materials to enhance on skill building.

    We need STUFF!!! If receiving the grant, I plan to build a classroom library rich in literacy that will reach all students. I plan to purchase learning games that will aid in skill building, and reach all learners. I plan to purchase materials needed for science projects, etc.

    Please help my students have a successful learning environment by voting for our project. I want to have all available resources to meet the needs of each child, and to make learning fun! My students success is my priority. Thank you for your consideration!

  • J. Golcher
    J. Golcher, Rosary High School, Fullerton, CA

    Excite girls about STEM by building Lego Robots

    Students can design, build and program robots using the Lego Mindstorm Robotic kit. These kits have been enormously successful with boys, but have had a mixed reception with girls. When working together, the boys wish to make robots that behave in masculine ways, and tend to override the desires of girls. Could this be the reason why girls lose interest in robotics, seeing them as a male preserve? Can we overcome the reluctance of girls towards STEM generally?

    Ours is an all girls' high school. My project involves the formation of a robotics class for girls organized by a woman teacher using Lego robotics kits. They are already used to Lego generally. The female environment would encourage the students to have absolute control of the robots throughout. Using kits, the girls would work in co-operative groups to make a complete programmable robot from parts. They would become familiar with practical engineering considerations.

  • J. Keigher
    J. Keigher, St. Anne Community High School, St. Anne, IL

    21st Century Learning Environment

    Technology has changed the face of education. In order to meet the needs of students embedded in today's digital culture, the face of learning must change as well. However, simply adding technology to the classroom is not sufficient to address the needs of 21st century learners. Learning spaces must be redesigned to accommodate the needs of students and enhance the quality of instruction.

    Effective learning spaces must be flexible, configurable, and collaborative—leaving the days of the single desk & chair in the dust. 21st century learning spaces transform the entire teaching & learning experience by encouraging collaborative discussion of ideas & facilitating interactive presentation of content. This grant would transform my secondary English classroom into a 21st century learning environment reflective of the technology of tomorrow through the purchase of mobile student chairs & collaborative tables. My students would greatly benefit from a 21st century learning space.

  • J. Simpson
    J. Simpson, Forestview High School, Gastonia, NC

    Please help our Classroom Expansion!!

    Hi. I teach high school students with special needs. I teach them Math, Science, Social Studies, English, life Skills, and job skills. My classroom is doubling in class size from this school year to the 2014/2015 school year. While this is an exciting opportunity since our program has been such a success this 2013/2014 school year, it is going to require us to need many more instructional materials for the new students. I teach a variety of ability levels and need a lot of hands on materials for my students. They learn best through hands on instruction. Also, since I teach such a variety of subjects I am constantly needing new resources in order to cover all the different standards and ability levels. My students follow Extensions of the Common Core Curriculum so I am required to teach from those standards. Also, each student has an individualized educational plan with individual reading, writing, and math goals. I spend a lot of hours making materials.

  • K. Brumbeloe
    K. Brumbeloe, Evans Elementary School, Albertville, AL

    There's an App for that!

    "If we teach today's students the way we taught them yesterday, we rob them of tomorrow" (Dewey). When it comes to today’s classroom, differentiation is key. Interests, learning styles, and readiness are all factors in successful learning. I would like to obtain an IPad station in my classroom to aid in these areas. The project will serve approx. 160 5th graders. While iPads may seem pricey, the benefits are priceless! In order for students to be college and career ready, we must dig deeper, beyond the core subjects. Students need technology sense and skills to meet the demands of a technologically-inclined society; this asset will build a foundation for the future. "Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire" (Yeats). It is imperative to guide students in developing a fire for learning. This can only be achieved by supplying amenities to enhance standards, activities, and the overall learning experience.

  • M. Farrell
    M. Farrell, Degan Elementary, Lewisville, TX

    21st Century Learning

    My proposal is for a 21st Century geared classroom that will help prepare students for a world that is growing rapidly around us! I would love for my students to be able to experience technology, collaboration and creativity.

    I would use these funds to purchase technology such as iPads and Mac Books to expose my students to programs and apps that allow them to learn, research and collaborate with one another. I would also use some of the funds to purchase furniture and flexible learning materials. This could include tables, non traditional seating such as bean bags, stability balls and stools. This allows a collaborative, safe, nurturing environment. This prepares students for a world where many jobs are flexible and collaborative in nature.

  • L. Potter
    L. Potter, Benton Academy, Benton, MS

    Give Us the World!

    Thirteen students. One computer. Small dreams. I teach 5th grade in a small rural school with approximately 225 students, grades 3K-12th. We have a bank, two churches, a restaurant, and convenience store. Most of my students come from homes of parents that grew up in this area and few travel outside our state. One of the hardest subjects for the students to grasp is world geography. As we study world geography, I have to bring the places alive and present them in ways that the students can feel some kinship with the people. However, many of the students already see themselves stuck in this same area in the future so have no interest in learning about different cultures. To help combat this lethargic attitude, I want to fight for the students interest by implementing more videos, color imaging, photographs, and interactive maps through the benefit of a SMART touch board system. Please help me make my students worldwide dreams become HUGE!

  • M. Jones
    M. Jones, Santa Lucia Elementary School, King City, CA

    Expand a mind ... Create a Future ... Tech 4 Kids

    "A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

    Teaching kids is the challenging and rewarding work that teachers are tasked with. The greater challenge is expanding their understanding of the world. Expanding their understanding of what is possible.

    Most of the students I teach see a world of limited possibilities. The realities of low socioeconomic status and hard physical labor can cast a shadow over their world view. Often school is where they get a window into a more hopeful world full of possibilities.

    Technology is a link to this mind stretching world. Project based learning with technology can show kids how to integrate and share ideas, work together and apply their learning in ways that they could not have otherwise imagined.

    I would like to purchase a set of Chromebooks for my students to practice what we learn and to use on projects that integrate what we learn. I want to stretch their minds.

  • A. Davis
    A. Davis, Deep Creek Central Elementary, Chesapeake, VA

    iPads-Enriching Student's Learning

    Today's students are digital natives and I feel that each lesson should cater to this new type of student. Technology is the new pen and paper of our day, and with that thought in mind, we should make all of our students equipped to handle this fast-paced changing world. However, our classrooms cannot afford to keep up with this demand. With this grant, students will be able to master not only various technologies, but much more. Ipads bring lessons to life. By placing these valuable tools in my students' hands, they will be able to go outside of the everyday learning experience and tour the pyramids of Egypt, walk the Great Wall of China, and discover more about habitats we study. Many applications will allow my students to read various types of stories, understand related vowel sounds, and practice weekly spelling words. Ipads will make tedious tasks, more engaging.

  • H. Haskell
    H. Haskell, Hillsboro School District 1J- Free Orchards Elementary, Cornelius, OR

    4th Graders Movin' In

    "4th Graders Movin' In" with iPads in hand will change the classroom experience of special education, second language learners and reluctant readers from being set apart to being fully included in grade level instruction. As a special education teacher co-teaching with our 4th grade team, I envision a set of iPads boosting our teaching capacity and allowing us to teach to the rigor of the Common Core State Standards with a higher level of efficiency and creativity. The iPads will assist students in two ways. One is to load the tablets with language arts apps that address the skill deficits of the students. The other is to direct students to specific sites that engage them in learning objectives specific to standards being taught. With highly engaging apps, the iPads will address multiple student needs while giving teachers more time for individualized and/or small group instruction. Students & teachers alike will be winners with the "Movin' In" of technology to the classroom.

  • M. Muri
    M. Muri, Canyon Creek Elementary, Billings, MT

    All Children deserve a chance to fly

    I am a third year teacher who just received a special education position teaching kindergarten through eighth grade. I have materials that I need to teach the younger grades and to help them succeed, but I do not have the materials to help the older students succeed. My classroom is an extra support learning center for those students that need a little extra help in school. My goal is to receive the grant so that I can order items that will truly help encourage my students to reach their full potential. Every child has potential, some just need a little extra push, or another way to look at the problem at hand.

  • J. Foulke
    J. Foulke, Garvanza Elementary, Los Angeles, CA

    Computers for Our Class

    I work in a low income community where many of my students do not have access to computers or the internet at home. In first grade we visit the computer lab once a week for 40 minutes. This is not enough time to learn to type, to gain computer literacy, to do research, or to use the computer to reinforce concepts taught in class. My classroom currently has zero computers in it for my students. I would really like to purchase desktops for my students to use as a weekly center. My students need to have access to technology at school in order to remain academically competitive, and I would really love it if I could provide them for my students. Our new learning standards are heavily based in technology, and I want my students to meet their full academic potential in my classroom. Will you help us get computers into our class? Thank you!

  • R. Theiler
    R. Theiler, McCollum ES, Albuquerque, NM

    Service Dog for Social and Literacy Skills

    I recently added a new tool to my special education classroom, a service dog named Capetta. She is a fully trained service dog who has helped my students with autism increase social and literacy skills. Students have shown an increase in reading fluency, decrease in behaviors & a renewed love of school. Capetta has done wonders for the school also, helping other students achieve goals by working for Capetta time and helping students go into classrooms they were hesitant about. Capetta's calming influence has been an amazing help for my students, however I still need to fundraise to cover her training expenses. I applied for a classroom service dog from and organization called NEADS. In order to receive such a highly trained service dog I had to commit to raise $9500 to help cover the cost of her training. Capetta is very calm and loves children, which is why she was matched with me to work with students with autism. She truly is a special dog and an asset to the whole school.

  • K. Powell
    K. Powell, Dale School, Dale, OK

    Robotics In The Classroom

    Two years ago our school started a middle school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program with the intention of deepening student understanding of core ideas in the STEM fields. We wanted to spark an interest, provide our students with experiences that would engage and require them to “think outside the box”, and sustain their interest. We are now looking for a way to enhance our program. Therefore, we would like to introduce robotics into our current STEM curriculum which will challenge students to design, build, and program robots made from Mindstorm LEGOS that move using motors. Sensors can also be added to robots to control behavior and perform tasks. Students will be evaluated on the following: teamwork, problem-solving, communication skills, and creativity which are important skills to be successful in everyday life. Materials needed to implement the robotics program include LEGO kits, laptops, and software.

  • K. Kuehl
    K. Kuehl, Ekstrand Elementary, DeWitt, IA

    Jumpstart To A Healthy, Happy School Day!

    We have up to 30-Jumpstart Kindergarteners in our Transitional Kindergarten Program at Ekstrand Elementary School. Our students have a snack every morning to keep their little bodies and minds running their best. For many very realistic reasons, we are no longer able to ask parents to provide those snacks. Because of this, the school provides the pre-packaged snacks, at a very minimal price to parents, which is still more than many parents can accommodate. The amount of money that the school has to work with, greatly limits the choice of snack we can provide. Very often, I bring in fresh fruits or veggies (in their natural "pre-package") for my students, which I purchase out of my own pocket. Needless to say, the kids LOVE them. BUT, fresh veggies and fruit are expensive. My proposal is for the purchase of these healthy snacks throughout the school year for our Jumpstart Kindergarteners. To keep them fueled-up on the freshest, healthiest brain food, we can provide!

  • M. Bangs
    M. Bangs, Rosary High School, Fullerton, CA

    Girls + Mathematics + Technology = Success!

    "Can you show us the animation again? Can you project the calculator? Homework problems? Data tables and graphs?" When students at our all-girls school ask those questions, they are saying that visualization enhances their mathematical understanding. To respond quickly and effectively, teachers need desktop computers that are always connected to the projector, are able to run graphics programs and mathematical software, and have large monitors that allow a complete problem and graph or table to be seen on the screen.

    I am seeking a grant to purchase five new Windows 8 computers to replace all of our math department's Windows XP computers. New computers with constant connection to projectors and our existing large monitors will allow us to run the latest mathematical software in a secure computing environment and to respond immediately to student requests for visualization. As we encourage girls in STEM fields, and expand our STEM offerings, every student in our school will benefit

  • A. Miller
    A. Miller, Bernice Vossbeck Elementary, Lynden, WA

    Technology so that EVERYONE Learns!

    In our classroom there are generally an average of 24-30 fifth grade students, learning all academic subjects including Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and English/Language Arts. Student skills range from the first or second grade level, up through middle school and sometimes even higher. While there has been an increasing emphasis on meeting the needs of students who are below grade level, we also have a number of students every year who demonstrate above grade level skills. I would like to use a blended learning approach which incorporates the use of technology to differentiate my instruction, particularly in the areas of Science and Mathematics. I would like to purchase a set of 6 laptops and a cart. This would allow me to add a technology rotation to my small group instruction so that I can better meet the needs of ALL students in my classroom.

  • A. Waldorf
    A. Waldorf, Poca Middle School, Poca, WV

    My Journey Towards Becoming a "Big" Teacher

    I want to be a big teacher, but I'm not there yet. My journey towards becoming a teacher started out in my parent's basement, enthusiastically instructing my first class of very well-behaved stuffed toys and dolls. Alas, I became the "little" teacher I was, in love with purple chalk and quiet students. As I journeyed through school as a student, I used things in my little classroom that I saw all my "big" teachers doing. See, these teachers, the ones who made such a difference in my life, the ones who inspired me to be me, to use my imagination, to use my learning and skills, were BIG teachers, and that's who I want to be. It took some time for me to see how it was these amazing people became the teachers they were, but I see it now—they never stopped learning. I am wide-eyed and curiously awaiting my next adven…err…lesson, and at this point in my teaching career, I want to become Nationally Board Certified; I want to be a big teacher who inspires little teachers.

  • G. Park
    G. Park, Union Grove High School, Gladewater, TX

    From This World to the NExt

    There is a high demand in today's society for students with the skills to problem solve, to think outside the box and not be fearful of failure.

    The solution:

    Union Grove High School Aero-science program offers a multi-year STEM program that teaches our students the basics of aerospace and mechanical engineering with an emphasis on what is called the design and development loop. Common name: problem solving! Students learn the fundamentals of force and motion, fluids, pressure, electricity, computer assisted design and fabrication. Incorporation of presentation skills, technology and problem based learning is used throughout the program. Funding for technology and material is essential to this program and I am asking for your generous support. There is a high demand in today's society for students with the skills to problem solve, to think outside the box and not be fearful of failure. Students needing these abilities are the focus of this proposal.

  • D. West
    D. West, Woodville high school, Woodville, AL

    Impacting Lives Through Technology

    Technology is thriving in today's society. It is ever changing and evolving at a rapid pace. In order to prepare our students, we must keep up and maintain the technology required for them to be successful. Our students are our future. To be college and career ready, students need to be introduced to technology in the early grades. I am a first grade teacher in an impoverished community. My goal is to enrich my students with a desire to learn. I want to instill the love of education in their hearts and souls. With this grant , students will gain access to deepen their knowledge in all subject areas. New computers and iPads will help allow them to research, utilize stem projects, work on math facts, create stories, etc… The possibilities are endless! We are in desperate need of new technology, and we simply lack the funds. Please make a difference, and vote for my class! Thank you!

  • P. Brockman
    P. Brockman, Lowell Scott Middle School, Boise, ID

    The Convertible Classroom

    The 20th century classroom is no longer adequate for 21st century learners. In 10 years of teaching I have found that today's learners need individualized, dynamic, technology-driven learning. I am developing a "convertible classroom" where I can integrate movement and much needed technology into the reading and writing process. Some students need the traditional peace and quiet to be able to learn and perform effectively, but others need more opportunity for movement and even have the influence of music to function at their best. I want to create a space where I can utilize movable "walls," panoramic white boards, sound-blocking headphones, and a mini-computer lab to create customizable learning environment for each student. This grant will provide so many of the tools needed to put the "convertible classroom" into action!

  • S. Gordon-Church
    S. Gordon-Church, Quest Middle Scool, Peoria, IL

    Write to Learn: Handwriting Without Tears

    We first learn to read, so we maythen read to learn. Similiarly, we learn to write, to write to learn. Historically, our ability to communicate was rooted in oral traditionals; communication was accessable for nearly everyone.When written language was introduced, it was reserved for those of position and privledge. People have fought and died for the right to learn to communicate. Yet, now when we seemingly have an overabundance of resources, our future leaders struggle to communicate orally and in written form. Most of my fifth graders (nine-ten) year old children cannot read cursive writingor their own handwriting or notes. When children stuggle to read their own writing, it makes written expression not only a daunting task, it also makes the prospect of composing a college essay seem like Mission Impossible. I need this grant for the Handwriting Without Tears Program to help teach our future leaders today. Please help me reach our goal of teaching for tomorrow, today!

  • B. Williamson
    B. Williamson, Danville Middle School, Danville, IN

    World's Greatest Classroom Library

    I want to start a reading program that centers around student choice, independent reading, as laid out in the ground breaking book "The Book Whisperer."

    To do that, I need books. Scholastic offers handy classroom library starter kits, 300 books each, but they carry a hefty price tag. I would like to purchase TWO of these, the 5th and 6th grade set, as well as some additional books not included in the set, and the bookshelves, organizational tools, and decorations necessary to create the WORLD'S GREATEST CLASSROOM LIBRARY.

  • S. Stremp
    S. Stremp, Bonnie McBeth Learning Center, Plainfield, IL

    Sky is The Limit! A Smart Board for Special Ed.

    I am honored to write this proposal for a smart board to use in my classroom for children with special needs. I would love to utilize this motivating tool to help capture and hold the attention of my students. The children in my class have significant delays in communication and social areas and would benefit from this new technology in the classroom. I would incorporate it into large and small group instruction, and bring lessons to life with it. The smart board would also become an interactive center that I know students would look forward to using. What a great tool it would be to help students communicate, motivate them to participate in the lessons, and help increase their attention. I hope that this proposal will help to make a smart board a reality for my classroom, and in turn enhance the school day for young children with special needs.

  • M. Mooc
    M. Mooc, Coolidge Elementary, San Gabriel, CA

    Hands-On: Technology and Interactive Notebooks

    I work with a group of students who all have a disability. They come to school with big smiles and ready to learn. My students all require specialized learning to meet their individual needs. I want to create an environment for my students that foster creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking so that I can build on their strengths and work to improve their challenges. With this grant, I will purchase technology and classroom supplies to strengthen my student's educational experience. I will add Chromebooks and iPads to help me teach keyboarding skills, research skills, and to create media presentations through PowerPoint and Prezi. My students learn best with hands-on learning. Classroom supplies such as notebooks, markers, glue, and colored paper will provide the essential materials to create interactive notebooks for each of the content area. Interactive notebooks are a great way to have my students be involved with their learning. Please support us as we aim for the stars!

  • S. Dimmitt
    S. Dimmitt, Blackburn Elementary, Independence , MO

    Struggling Readers Need E-Readers Desperately!

    Many of my students I work with have learning disabilities in the area of reading or are dyslexic. Most are 2+ years below grade level. It breaks my heart when they refer to themselves as dumb or can't read. In fact, they are intelligent and have amazing oral language skills. If they could listen to audio books, it would allow them the ability to build their vocabulary, literary language and content that they need to keep growing and developing while they receive explicit phonics instruction and fluency practice. This grant would help me purchase iPad Minis to download greatly needed audio resources. Allowing the students to be exposed to books at their oral comprehension level (at or above grade level), rather than being limited to books they can only read independently (below grade). Most importantly, iPad Minis could be "the hook" that turns my students into lifelong readers and lovers of books!

  • M. Coryell
    M. Coryell, Central Elementary School, Roundup, MT

    iPad Your Future

    I teach in a small town in central Montana. I am extremely passionate about technology and education. Our community is very low income and the building our students go to school in is over 100 years old. Technology is not as big of a priority as I would like. With this grant I could purchase iPad minis for a classroom lab. Over 60% of our students are free and reduced. We have one computer lab for the whole school, and first graders do not take priority. With an iPad classroom lab I could expose my students to technology and teach them safe ways to use the Internet; I could enhance their math and reading skills through educational apps and allow them freedom in their own learning styles. With a classroom lab I could share with other classrooms; exposing and helping more students become educated in technology. I also hope this would motivate other teachers and community members to take an initiative to get more technology for our students. This could be the jump-start we need!

  • J. Randolph
    J. Randolph, Priest River Elementary, Priest River, ID

    Battle For Books

    I am a third year school teacher. Each year that I've been teaching I have held a different position. I finally get to continue teaching 1st grade. I have spent my own time and money to provide the best education for the diverse abilities of each student. Our classroom library is very limited. With our new reading program that our district has adopted, students need access to books at their independent reading levels. When I am teaching small reading groups, students are able to read books to themselves or to a partner. I have used my own funds to purchase a variety of books for the different learning levels for my students, but it isn't enough. The excitement in the students when they get to choose books every week is amazing! Even though the students can choose to read with someone, they want and enjoy reading books to themselves. Please help me purchase more books for my students and keep their excitement for reading for each and every one of their learning levels.

  • A. Erspamer-Berry
    A. Erspamer-Berry, Marquette Alternative High School, Marquette, MI

    Empowering Young Females!

    At Marquette Alternative High School, we work with a student population who many come from difficult family environments. We strive to provide a school environment that is positive and nurturing. One of our goals this year is to use grant money and private donations to take our female students on an overnight experience to Clear Lake Outdoor Education Center. Currently, we have approximately 45-50 female students and six female staff.

    Using curriculum guided by the staff at Clear Lake, the girls would go through team building exercises and work with a woman who uses stories to help women begin to make changes for the better in their lives. In addition, we would like to invite positive female role models in our community to offer activities.

  • J. Van Gorden
    J. Van Gorden, Pasco Elementary School, Dade city, FL

    Mission Possible!!! Boosting Hope in the Future!

    I teach 3rd grade at Pasco Elementary in Dade City, Florida. It is a Title I school where 89% of our students are on free/reduced lunch. Recently, our fifth grade students took a survey that really moved me. Only 45% of our students were hopeful for their future. I feel that the students in my class, as well as my school, need to be provided with exposure to a future beyond their vision. Elementary school students are not too young to be exposed to a future that includes college and career. In fact, this would be the perfect time to foster students' enthusiasm about what they want to be when they grow up and show them the many opportunities that are available. With this grant, I hope to be able to purchase books that inform students about a variety of careers that are in our world. I hope to bring guest speakers from our community and beyond to discuss their careers and how maintainable it is to attend college. I need your help to show them that this Mission is possible!

  • J. Binning
    J. Binning, Stone Creek School, Roscoe, IL

    Traveling Chromebooks

    Our school is fortunate to have one computer lab that several classes sign up to share. However, there are times when students could be researching online, typing presentations with classmates, or even typing letters to pen pals across the globe. What could make this learning more accessible? Five traveling Chromebooks! With access to the internet and Google Drive outside of the computer lab, students would have more opportunities to collaborate on learning projects. Currently, second grade has created animal facts cards using Google Drive. My class is even working collaboratively to create presentations about space. Students researched facts about planets, the sun, and the moon. They teamed up and turned that information into a slideshow presentation with one or two fellow classmates. Each student worked on their slides independently and as group. The traveling Chromebooks are necessary for students to continue to work on such wonderful projects as the lab is not always available.

  • C. O'Neil
    C. O'Neil, St. Francis Primary, Billings, MT

    Exploring Why We Learn What We Learn

    Margaret Mead once said, "Children must be taught HOW to think, not WHAT to think."

    So often we see children sitting in their desks filling out the same worksheet as their classmates, day after day. To me, education is more than that. True learning takes place for each student at an individual level and through topics that interest them. My goal as an educator is to teach my 2nd graders to dig deeper into their own learning through hands-on experiences and also through topics that interest each individual student.

    With this grant I plan to purchase materials through such as non-fiction passages, texts, and materials to help my 2nd graders explore topics of their liking to activate their interest in their own learning while introducing them to real-life topics. I will also purchase math manipulatives to give each student the opportunity to create hands-on learning experiences.

    Please vote for my proposal and help give my students the tools they need to succeed.

  • P. Isaacson
    P. Isaacson, Crest View Elementary, Boulder, CO

    Inventing with iPads

    Technology is a huge motivator for students and I am excited to help students create, inspire and learn. I would love to have iPads in the classroom to reduce the achievement gap. Students can be working on specific skills they need in order to understand the curriculum. The iPads can help me reteach, reaffirm and extend a child's learning. I am even more excited about the possibility of creating projects with the iPads. We do an insect unit in my classroom and I would love for my students to be able to take pictures of the caterpillar and journal about the metamorphasis in iDiary. They could also create a book in Book Creator and a quiz in Tiny Tap. I am a teacher who collaborates with my colleagues and we are looking for ways to make the common core curriculum come alive in our classrooms. I will be sharing my learning with my teaching partners and encouraging them to bring iPads to their classrooms. iPads are a wonderful tool for primary students.

  • S. Makelky
    S. Makelky, Landmark Academy, Commerce City, CO

    Technology to Orchestrate Learning in First Grade!

    Teaching first grade is comparable to conducting an orchestra. My goal every day is to teach the individual needs of each child. Every child is different and learns differently. In order for the orchestra to have the most success, I believe a strong factor is having technology resources. I love to teach kids to be resourceful and to become researchers. This year we have been scientists, historians, business owners, and so much more. Creative, hands on project based learning is fun and educational. There is never an end to learning and I can help them be collaborative, inquisitive, and reach beyond their potential. Our class could benefit immensely from having additional technology to further develop essential skills and take their hands on projects beyond what they imagine.

  • S. Sanchez
    S. Sanchez, Dayton Elementary School, Dayton, NV

    Unleashing Digital Natives through iPads

    Picture students in rows, reading about scientific principles, and completing their assigned worksheets. Now, Imagine walking into a classroom and seeing groups of students throughout the room fully engaged, researching materials and conversing with students from around the country. As an educator of today, I am presented with those options on a daily basis. Of course, students and educators are more productive when presented with genuine learning experiences; unfortunately, it is often difficult to find the funding or materials to make genuine learning experiences a reality. As a 4th grade teacher, I want my students to create, not regurgitate. iPads are devices that will make that goal a reality in my classroom. My students will be given the opportunity to create presentations and learn through experiencing. iPads will give my students opportunities far beyond the confines of a textbook; they will have access to museums, libraries, and even students from around the world.

  • A. Maute
    A. Maute, Springville Elementary, Mt. Laurel, NJ

    iLearn with iPad

    My students LOVE to use technology!! When they see me take out the iPad their faces light up. Unfortunately, I only have 1 iPad for 20 students. We use a rotating schedule so everyone gets a turn, which means that they only get to use the iPad once every 20 days – which is so upsetting! The apps and resources that the iPad provides allows the children to review and challenge their learning in a fun and exciting way.

    I am asking for 5 iPads for my classroom so that my students will be able to use technology to review and challenge their learning. I would like to continue developing new learning centers in my classroom. Adding centers with iPads would be so exciting! Today's students learn with technology and we need to keep up with the latest trend! The iPad center would offer a new way to develop language arts and math through the multitude of applications!

    Adding an iPad to our classroom will make learning more exciting for my students.

  • R. Jones
    R. Jones, Winnequah School, Monona, WI

    Growing Our School Comminuty Through Our Garden

    My name is Robin Jones and I am a first grade teacher at Winnequah School in Monona, Wisconsin. At Winnequah School we are all about building community. One unique way we do this is through our Winnequah School Garden. Not only are we enhancing our learning by having a living classroom outside, but we are also teaching students the importance of taking care of our environment and thinking and planning in a sustainable way. I would like to make our garden an even more integral part of our vibrant learning environment by purchasing both materials and products using By building Aldo Leopold benches, hoop houses, plant trellises that extend over our raised beds, and purchasing Life Lab signs and sustainable gardening tools that a whole classes can use, we would make our garden a true living outdoor classroom. This grant would not only benefit my classroom but the entire Winnequah School community. We give a "hoot" at Winnequah School!

  • T. Venner
    T. Venner, Burlington School, Billings, MT

    20th Century Learning/More Chromebooks

    The need for this project will help in a variety of ways. It will promote our new LEAD 21 reading series. It will also increase inquiry based learning. This technology will give kids a sense of ownership by making topics real and applicable. It will promote self paced learning and provide a safe environment to explore new learning (given proper teaching and guidance). The new google play is filled with free and great educational applications ranging from spelling all the way to reading comprehension skills.

    SD 2 goals PLUS integrating common core goals:
    1. Increase reading, writing, and math among students
    2. Improve student performance in reading, writing and English proficiency, math, etc.
    3. Reduce long waiting periods for classroom material
    4. Reduce the overall cost of a new computer

    The Chromebook is creating best practices through technology. My main objective is to make a wide variety of content available so that kids can find material through technology.

  • J. Beasley
    J. Beasley, Alamance Elementary, Greensboro, NC

    Begin with Books

    I would like to purchase reading materials for my classroom to help a child learn to read. I teach Kindergarten and my goal is for each child to learn to read. Exciting, foundational materials can help put a book in each child's hand. We are building on the foundations of phonics to help a child sound out words and read simple stories. The grant will help purchase books that are easy readers. Guided reading groups can help with direct instruction on each child's reading ability. Students also can take home some easy readers for more practice at home through our program "Bag-a-book." Students bring a book home to read with someone and practice these early reading skills. Materials are essential in this program. My class has 20 students currently, so a variety of books on their interest level and reading level is crucial to make this program a success. Join me in helping a child learn to read and give them a precious gift that will last a lifetime.

  • C. Nickel
    C. Nickel, Middleton High School , Tampa, FL

    All the Qualifications, But None of the Finances

    In J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, the novel states: You can't stop a teacher when they want to do something. They just do it. For years I have had the desire to become a National Board Teacher. However, it has never been a reality until now. Despite the fact that this desire is turning into a reality there is one thing standing in my way – finances.

    I am a full time teacher in a low income high school in Tampa, Florida. My job is not a simple one. My task is to serve as a teacher, nurse, parent, psychologist, mentor, advocate, leader, motivator, listener and expert. For some students, I am the only positive force in a world that has given up on them. I am their everything and I take that responsibility very seriously. I strive every day to be a better teacher and hope that the National Board process will continue to help me do so. Please help me make my dream become a reality.

  • L. Buzdugan
    L. Buzdugan, Kate Bond Elementary, Memphis , TN

    Nationwide Certified

    I wanted to become National Board certified for years, yet I have not committed to it because it was an expense I couldn't take on in addition to other financial obligations. I know that going through the National Board process will make me a better teacher and that means so much to me. I am ambitious and dedicated to my career and I am always looking to stay innovative and aware of the tools that will help me be better. I know that in turn, my students will receive a better education. That really inspires me. My successes are my students successes so getting National Board certification will benefit us both. This grant will alleviate the financial burden of having to pay the fees, giving me nothing to focus my energy on except passing and gaining knowledge.

  • L. Wenske
    L. Wenske, Clayton Elementary, Austin, TX

    Infinitely Inspiring First Graders

    Whether it’s reading eStories, viewing academic videos, completing comprehension quizzes, or engaging in high interest educational apps, iDevices provide students on-demand access to motivating content. Quality learning time with such devices increases students’ overall academic prowess and technological knowhow, which benefits students in my class as they add (with help, of course) digital artifacts and embed Web 2.0 content to their personal pages on our Class Wiki. Daily, I try to encourage students to learn all that they can; to be highly motivated and responsible; and to consider the impact of their actions. After 16 years in education, earning my Masters Deg., Reading Specialist, Master Reading Teacher, NBPTS and ESL Certifications, though all of this was to support them, I realize my 1st Graders teach me so many new things, every day. They infinitely inspire. Please help us obtain a class set of iPad minis via AdoptAClassroom.Org to further motivate and empower.

  • N. Walls
    N. Walls, San Marcos Middle School, San Marcos, CA

    Igniting the Passion for Reading

    The U.S. Department of Education found that, generally, the more students read for fun on their own time, the higher their reading scores are. So the big question is, how do we spark the passion for reading so students will want to read on their own? At my middle school site we want to continue a new tradition of a Literacy Fair where students share the books they love with their classmates, teachers, families, and community through creative, collaborative, innovative projects. In order for students to create these projects they need the materials provided for them. Our students do not have the funds to purchase these materials on their own and need the support to create their remarkable projects.

    Middle school is often the turning point in many students' education and we want to create independent readers now so we can ensure their success in the future. is a great source to obtain these supplies.

  • D. Krikourian
    D. Krikourian, Sutter Middle School, Folsom, CA

    Engineering is Fun!

    I teach 320 students engineering annually in grades 6-8. Students use the engineering design process to create a wide variety of projects. This is a projects based class where students utilize science, technology, engineering, and math skills to create amazing projects for competition. I need materials for students to make these amazing projects. Students enter various competitions each year, which places the bar of learning higher than I ever thought possible. Competitions include: Future City, Sieman's Challenge, FHS Engineering Fair, School of the Future, Intel/Gencorp Science Fair, and more. They create biomedical projects as well. I'm asking for $2500 to fund the projects for the classroom competitions so students can have the materials to make: community gardens, vex robotics, 3D printed pieces they create in Autodesk Inventor to assemble their projects, biomedical experiments, solar powered go carts, t-shirt throwing catapults for sporting events, and much more.

  • J. Trayers
    J. Trayers, Roosevelt Elementary, Houston, TX

    Loco For Literature

    Reading skills are the most important tools we can give young children. As they move through the grades they have to read math problems, questions in science and social studies. They learn new vocabulary by reading books and it even helps them become better writers. The problem we run into is the expense involved in keeping our library stocked with a variety of titles for different reading levels. We are asking for funds through so we can buy books and literacy station materials. With these resources we can help develop a passion for reading in these youngsters that will potentially stay with them a lifetime!

  • M. Ruz
    M. Ruz, Garvanza, Los Angeles, CA

    A Fresh Start in First Grade

    First grade is a fabulous grade to teach. It is challenging, but at the same time rewarding because students demonstrate so much academic growth by the end of the school year. There's so much to explore and learn. That is why I have chosen to teach enthusiastic first graders this coming school year. I have so many ideas but no first grade supplies or materials. That is why I have decided to write this proposal. Through the generosity of Farmers Insurance and your voting support, I will be able to provide my students with basic supplies from They will need these supplies to make first grade a memorable learning year.

  • C. Boatner
    C. Boatner, Henryetta Elementary, Henryetta, OK

    Bouncing Chairs for Bouncing Minds

    When balance balls were originally developed in the 1960s for physical therapy purposes, who knew that one day they'd be recommended for children who have trouble focusing in school? But today, that's just what's happening. Balance balls might be just what the doctor ordered to help children with sensory processing disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or just a strong need to fidget reach their full potential in the classroom.

    I am proposing that my classes of nine year old students use bouncing exercise balls rather than hard plastic chairs. I have seen the benefits of this movement as classes in our building have made the change to exercise balls. I am excited to give my students an advantage of focus and improved attention during class!

  • B. Williams
    B. Williams, Lincoln, Hartford , WI

    Two Year Togetherness in Need of Technology!!

    I am lucky to loop with my Kindergarten students to 1st grade, giving me the same class for two years at the beginning of their education experience. I learn their personalities and better yet, have a very good understanding of their academic skills and their needs to succeed! There are so many wonderful apps and technology programs out there for iPads and Android tablets to use with my students. They can be used to help give them a boost in skills they may be struggling with OR for those students who need a challenge in school. I would love to create a mini tablet lab with quality programs for my students to take turns using which will help build their foundation of education and give them a solid love for learning in their early years! Please help me accomplish this for my students and their futures!

  • L. Gutzwiller
    L. Gutzwiller, Intermountain Christian School, Salt Lake City, UT

    The Middle School MATRIX

    Imagine being part of The MATRIX! A hands on, interactive place where fundamental reading and math skills are bolstered through the use of technology. Too often students enter our 6th-8th Grade program without the foundational skills necessary in reading and math. The Middle School MATRIX offers a way for struggling students to reach their learning potential by providing time, technology and teachers to guide them through interactive iPad app programs like Reflex and Reading Trainer. Students moving through these programs become more confident in their math and reading skills and enjoy learning. The school is committed to providing the teacher resources and time during the school day for The MATRIX. The grant funds would provide all we need to purchase the software, increase our iPad lab and obtain headphones for all qualifying students. The MATRIX gives students a chance to improve areas of weakness and increase their desire to be successful, lifelong learners.

  • C. Pridemore
    C. Pridemore, Southern Boone Primary, Ashland, MO

    Books for Struggling Readers

    I am a reading specialist in a small, rural town in central Missouri. Many of my students have struggled with reading since they began in school. The books they read and take home to share with parents are critically important to them finding success as a reader. When I started teaching here, there weren't enough books to complete my lessons. I have used every penny offered to me through PTA and school funds to purchase more book sets each year, however, I could still use many, many more to ensure each child gets a new book to read with each new lesson. Please vote for my proposal to help my students have the books they need to succeed! Thank you!

  • W. Carlin
    W. Carlin, Beartooth Elementary School, Billings, MT

    More Student-Focused Time

    I am a 5th grade teacher at Beartooth Elementary School in Billings, Montana. I am also an adjunct professor at Rocky Mountain College, and the director of a children's theatre program. My time at school is limited and precious. Every minute of every work day, I want to spend with my students, not grading papers. If I were lucky enough to be chosen to receive the Thank A Million Teachers Grant, I would use the money to buy a classroom MimioVote assessment system. This system allows a teacher to see feedback from all students in an immediate and invaluable way. Responses are anonymous, judgement-free, independent, and therefore confidence building. It allows teachers to move away from traditional homework and pencil/paper assignments and become a more student-centered interactive classroom. Gone would be the hours of grading homework. I only have my students for a short time, please help to make that time student-focused. Thank you!

  • J. Greguske
    J. Greguske, Lincoln Elementary, Green Bay, WI

    Making a Difference

    Every student college, career, and community ready is part of our mission statement! The students of Lincoln Elementary are hardworking students who try their best and enjoy coming to school. Unfortunately, many of our students come from low income families that don't have the basic necessities. This puts our students at a disadvantage because they have extra worries and less support at home. The staff at Lincoln Elementary put their whole heart into helping our students be the best. We spend much of our personal money on supplies for the students, to use at school and at home, but we can't buy it all! We need's help in purchasing paper, crayons, pencils, etc., many things that some children take for granted. Our students are learning how to make a difference and are working towards meeting the mission statement every day. If the worry of school supplies was taken away, students could concentrate more on how they can make a difference in someone else.

  • C. Doss
    C. Doss, Christie Elementary, Plano, TX

    Characters Welcome!

    My smiling kids in my resource classroom (grades 2, 3, 4) are the biggest characters you can imagine! Each student is either identified with autism or an intellectual disability on top of a language barrier. They come to school eager to learn and their eyes beam with each success. My students enjoy hands on learning projects, sports, computers, and science. I would use your generous donation to purchase items for the classroom such as math tools, educational games, literacy tools, apps for our iPads, and sensory tools. Additional funding would enable me to purchase the extras that make learning more meaningful and fun for my students who truly need hands-on experiences to make learning real. It is through manipulating real objects and problem solving that my students are able to fully grasp meaning, make connections, and make sense of the language and their learning experience. Please support my kids.

  • H. Ali
    H. Ali, Annoor Academy, Knoxville, TN

    Teaching Outside the Box

    Vitamin D, gained from natural sunlight, is a vital part of a child's growth process and brain productivity levels. With the grant, I would be able to construct an outdoor classroom that would allow for hands on learning across the curriculum, especially in the areas of science and math. My Students could build biomes, learn about perimeter and area, and build a garden to explore plant cells and growth. Reading circles and novel studies could also take place in the outdoor classroom. Funding is the only thing that stands in the way of my providing this opportunity and opening this world of learning to my students. As a second year teacher at a small preschool through 8th grade private school, the funding available to me is non existent. I only receive a $100 budget per year for my classroom so the rest of what I need for my classroom comes out of my own pocket. The $2500 grant from adoptaclassroom could make my dream of an outdoor classroom for my students a reality.

  • A. Levine
    A. Levine, Don Estridge High Tech Middle School, Boca Raton, FL

    The World At My Fingertips; Exploring with iPads

    As Common Core is adopted in my school, I want to give my Language Arts students the tools to compete with the rest of the country. One aspect of Common Core involves non-text media such as art work, photographs, and musical pieces, and comparing/contrasting these works to pieces of literature in terms of theme. By using iPad minis, my students will be able to virtually visit the best museums, galleries, and photography exhibits in the world. They can virtually attend classical concerts. They will be able to seek out pieces that share a particular theme with a literary work. They will then create essays in which they compare/contrast the works.

    In addition, I teach a unit about the Holocaust using literature. Many concentration camps now function as museums. The iPads would allow my students to virtually tour places such as Auschwitz and to research the places, events and people about which they are reading.

  • C. Wilson
    C. Wilson, Belle Haven Elementary, Menlo Park, CA

    Developing the Literary Mind of the 7th Grader

    "LOL," "how r u," and "omg" riddle my students' text messages. But what if these were the precursors to a conversation with a friend about a good book or a developed essay detailing the themes of a grade-level novel? My students are an enthusiastic group of 7th graders who attend a small K-8 school in a high poverty area of California. The majority of the students are English language learners and most of the class entered the year below grade level. Many are not yet aware of the potential they possess beyond our campus and need the support to bring their learning into their everyday lives. With the proper classroom supplies, access to high-interest shared texts, and varied types of media including art and technology, I would be able to grab the attention of these students thirsty for knowledge and provide them with resources to engage them in their learning. Our class would use this grant towards funds for supporting these students in our Readers and Writers Workshops.

  • A. Donnelly
    A. Donnelly, Red Rock Elementay, Woodbury, MN

    Loving Teacher Needs Your Help

    My name is Anita, I teach kindergarten. I love my job and students. I want to provide math learning that goes beyond the usual computation and practice. To do this, I want to implement Guided Math (GM) in my classroom. GM is a practical way of matching math instruction to diverse learners. I always strive to meet the needs of each student at their current learning level. Daily, I provide them ways to grow individually. With your help, I will acquire the essentials to create a GM learning environment best suited to meet my students' needs. Storage organizers, games and other resources are items that would help them, not just for a single year, but for years to come. I am confident in such a classroom, my students will achieve their own full potential. By providing my class with GM, I will be able to foster a life-long love and appreciation for math for each student that I have the privilege to impact. Thank you in advance for your consideration, not for me, but for my students.

  • T. Gilbert
    T. Gilbert, Frontier Elementary, Peoria, AZ

    Striving for Reading Mastery

    With the new law of Move On When Reading, 3rd grade is a pivotal year. Our state recently adopted the new College and Career Readiness Standards (CCSS) across grade levels, but yet we have not yet adopted new textbooks to help properly implement these standards. I have been lucky enough to be a part of our districts creating assessments and materials to ease the strain on teachers. With that, I have been provided with samples from vendors of curriculum materials. One such research I have found to perfectly align with our standards and our districts frameworks. This particular set of materials is the same series as our current reading materials, but they are new and are aligned to the CCSS.

    What I would like is to be able to purchase the materials to fully implement these reading materials in my classroom next year. Because our district does not have the funds to purchase new textbooks, I am hoping to receive this grant to be able to purchase the materials for my classroom.

  • T. Muth
    T. Muth, Freedom Elementary, Harrisburg, SD

    21st Century Classroom

    Technology is not only a growing part of the world today, but it is also becoming more and more important in the classroom as well. For teaching to be most effective today, technology needs to have a role in the classroom, and in order for my students to be successful, they not only need to use technology on a daily basis, but also in a variety of ways. Using a variety of technologies takes classroom content from relevant to real for students.

    With the $2500 grant, I would like to purchase a variety of hands-on technology that students could use on a daily basis. One piece of technology that I would like to get would be a LabQuest 2. A LabQuest 2 is the most powerful and intuitive interface for science education and engages students with hands-on science in the classroom. I would also like to purchase a LEGO Education WeDo set. LEGO Education creates a stimulating, hands-on learning experience helping students engage their minds so they're ready for tomorrow's challenge.

  • S. Burroughs
    S. Burroughs, McQuerry Elementary, Odessa, MO

    Tablets for Teaching

    If our classroom is provided with 5 tablets, we will be able to practice and extend the common core standards. Tablets will be used to enhance learning in the areas of reading, math, writing, science, and social studies. They will be used in small groups to work on targeted skills either to intervene areas of struggle or to advance skills of others who need a challenge. Tablets will encourage students to learn in a fun way. Having tablets would provide my students to further their knowledge in a certain area on their own, as I am not able to do it as a whole group. Tablets would provide the opportunity for students to learn more about topics that interest them inspiring that passion for learning. Students would benefit from simple apps that are available such as handwriting and science related apps. Tablets can help students lacking social or oral language skills to work with friends using this tablet and give them better ways to express their thoughts and feelings.

  • L. Elliott
    L. Elliott, Thompson Crossing Elementary, Indianapolis, IN

    Interactive White Board for Special Education

    I teach in a moderate and severe classroom. We are in need of an interactive white board to help engage our students in learning new materials! In our class we use a lot of technology to help assist our students to succeed in every day skills, whether in the classroom or at home. An interactive white board would be used as a communication device, hands on learning center, and a talking word processor for our entire class. We would be able to use it in a small group setting, large group setting, or even as an independent or one on one station. It will help to engage our students so that they will be more focused and willing to learn. Please help us to help our students succeed in life!

  • G. Lewis
    G. Lewis, Buford Elementary School, Lennox, CA

    Imagine the Possibilities!

    I will prepare my inner city students to be competitive citizens in the 21st Century! With less than half of my students having access to technology and the Internet at home, this might be a difficult task. However, I am determined to apply for as many grants that I find to get a 1 to 1 ratio of Ipads in my classroom. If I get these Ipads, my school will match what I receive.
    I have researched many Apps that will enhance all academic areas and I am ready to implement. I am lacking the Ipads. I want my student to have the same opportunities as their affluent counterparts who have the ability to research on the Internet at home. If my students don’t have it at home, I will continue to advocate for them in my classroom. With the Common Core upon us, this is even more important for their success.
    With your support, this can be a reality. Imagine the possibilities and I invite you to visit my classroom to see the success.
    Thank you for seriously considering Room 42.

  • C. Perez
    C. Perez, James F. Murray - PS 38, Jersey City, NJ

    Promoting Success

    Our Student Council officers are passionate students with eager minds, ready to lead the school with the spirit of the group. Our school houses students in Pre-K through 8th grade with a total population of just over 900 students. Located in an urban setting, students and teachers alike are always in search of supplies and equipment that will make our school a more inviting place for all stakeholders. With the belief that student activities that deviate from traditional learning and promote student engagement more often leads to students' academic success; the officers of the Student Council are eager to gain the attention of both the students and their parents to make them more active participants in the education process, building a stronger home to school connection, and promoting leadership among their peers by creating a newsletter showcasing school events and celebrating student achievements and success.
    "Service with Pride. Lead with Confidence. Inspire to Impact."

  • T. Kantola
    T. Kantola, Beechnau Elementary, Ravenna, MI

    Extra Extra Write all About It!

    Can you just imagine children excited to write? We are the Beechnau Student Newspaper Club, and we love to write. We would like to publish a school newspaper, the Beechnau Buzz, for the entire student body to read. By using a real newspaper, we will learn how to write book reviews, staff interviews, sports, monthly editorials, and even puzzles and riddles. We are a group of about 40 students who are learning to interview people, take pictures, collect various forms of factual research, and review vocabulary and writing styles. It is exciting to write, and we are especially excited to see our finished project, which will look and sound like a real newspaper. The children are excited to use technology and their writing increases with this excitement. With three or four computers in our room, we are hoping to give the students the skills and confidence to become a nonfiction writer. While this project is to fund materials that will help publish a school newspaper; the bigger picture

  • R. Freimann
    R. Freimann, Felix Festa Middle School, West Nyack, NY

    Help fund a special needs functional cooking class

    My classroom consists of middle school children with special needs. Their disabilities range from Autism, Mental Retardation, Down Syndrome, Fragile X, Spina Bifida, and multiple disablities. Once a week, my students participate in a functional cooking class, where they learn to read a recipe and cook a meal; a skill that will remain with them as they grow older and aide in their independence. If my classroom were to be rewarded from the Thank a Teacher initiative , I would use the adopt a classroom credits to purchase groceries for this cooking class, which otherwise would come from my out of pocket expenses.
    My student will greatly benefit from this reward, as will their teacher.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  • D. Moran
    D. Moran, Winding Creek Elementary, Moore, OK

    Desks That Wobble and Chairs That Pinch!

    Desks and chairs! What could possibly be more essential to a classroom than desks and chairs? Imagine a second grader sitting down to work only to have their little legs pinched from the cracks in the chair! Wobbly, uneven desks cause pencils and colors to roll to the floor and I have used quite a bit of glue repairing the desk tops. I have taught at my school for twenty years and we still have the same desks and chairs. I have certainly aged in twenty years of teaching so you know the furniture in my classroom has definitely seen better days! Determined! I take advantage of every opportunity to obtain the necessary resources so I can provide my children with creative, innovative, and engaging activities. This more often than not includes my own wallet but my bank account will only go so far. Funds are very limited and our district is growing rapidly. In addition we are trying to rebuild from a devastating tornado. Help me throw out those wobbly desks and pinching chairs!

  • K. Friedl
    K. Friedl, Fiske Elementary School, Chicago, IL

    We NEED Hands on Science!

    Our classroom is made up of 24, 1st grade students from high poverty. I want to provide them as many hands on science experiments; allowing students to explore and investigate all sorts of science. In order to do so it requires the access to enough materials for a classroom full of eager scientists! We are currently studying frogs & would love to observe the life cycle of a frog (which we've read so much about already). They would also love to observe chickens hatching. They would also love to explore different kinds of matter materials (liquids, solids & gases), along with different experiments to explore (freezing a liquid to make a solid, melting a solid to become a liquid, etc). We are also very interested in explore ramps. On the playground & at a recent field trip the students explored what happens to a ball on different angles of ramps and would like to further explore & use data to create conclusions about what they learned.

  • C. Bateman
    C. Bateman, Plymouth Elementary, Taylorsville, UT

    Teaching with TLC (Technology and Tablets)

    Integrating hand-held tablets into our classrooms is our goal. Our vision is to use technology across all areas of our curriculum. We will be able to capture art work, music, communicate with others, learn critical thinking skills, and solve problems. Information technology will help us enhance our quality of learning. We want to use technology to impact the quality, content, and structure of teaching and learning.

    It is important that we provide differentiated instruction based on the Common Core Standards. This can by done using technology. We will be able to develop and enrich not only their technology skills, but raise their testing scores. Our students can record their voices reading stories that they have written and then listen to themselves. They will be able to photograph their art projects and use the video to rehearse for school plays. Images, clips, apps, and research will enhance their learning. We need them to learn to be successful.

  • C. Kranjcec
    C. Kranjcec, Dayton Elementary School, Dayton, NV

    Building 21st Century Skills with Technology

    The difference in the child of today and the child of yesterday is simple: technology. As a teacher, I often think of lessons and activities that will motivate my students to learn in a new way. One thing that always motivates them is the integration of technology in my lessons. In the rare chance that my students are able to use iPads, they become immediately engaged in their learning. I teach 4th grade students who love to interact with technology. In order for my students to continue building 21st century skills, it is imperative to have access to current technology so they can reinforce as well as build on their learning through exploration. I envision a classroom of students so intrigued by technology that they are constantly learning through investigations using its many facets, programs, and applications. The iPad Mini would provide my students the opportunity to reinforce the concepts I teach as well as provide them a canvas for creation and investigation in their own learning.

  • J. Hodges
    J. Hodges, Claremont Elementary, Claremore, OK

    Bare Necessities

    My students love school! At school they are given so many opportunities–from reading an exciting book to challenging their classmates in a math tournament to reinacting history. For 90% of my students they also love school because it means they get to eat, they have a safe place to spend the day, they get to be a kid for just a few hours. When I transferred to this school just a few years ago, it was my choice. I hoped to make a difference in their lives; what I didn't count on was what a difference they would make in mine. I have turned the way I teach upside down to accommodate the lives of these wonderful kids. I invest much of my time and money in giving them the best education I can. Much of what I buy is for hands-on learning activities, books and basic supplies for them to use at both school and home. They are worth the investment. Please help me continue to provide my students with these "bare necessities" of learning. They are worth it!

  • J. Piniat
    J. Piniat, Potter Thomas, 19133, PA

    Giving A Lot For Those With Little

    I work in one of the lowest socio-economic areas in the nation. My school, which is located in Philadelphia, has been hit extremelly hard with very difficult budget cuts. I have tried my best to supply my students with resources and technology but I can not keep using all of my savings on basic supplies.

    My goal is to transform my classroom into one of the most innovative in the area with the latest technology to engage and excite my students.

    1. A Microscope Document Camera to project the most amazing microscopic images onto the screen for all to see.

    2. A Large Dry-Erase Spinning Wheel to randomly select students with math and science questions to create a game-show like atmosphere.

    3. A Class set of boogie board writing tables (only 20 dollars each) so every student can infuse artwork into their daily math lessons

    4. 3 Chromebooks to create a technology and research center within the classroom

    5. Scholastic Math Subscription to incorporate literacy skills

  • V. Twining
    V. Twining, Fulmore Middle School, Austin, TX

    Home Sweet Home

    Growing up I never dreaded doing my homework. I would come home and find a cozy spot to begin the daily homework tackle. That great southern home smell, the plush pillows, the inviting oversized sofa and warm Texas sunlight coming in from the windows created my study retreat. What once was a coffee and end table became my desk and bookshelves. My mom became my personal tutor. I want my students to have the same kind of study oasis and comfort I had growing up when completing my homework.
    With this grant I will go beyond buying my classes’ much needed school supplies and create a study corner within my classroom. This special zone will be dedicated to students and offer a cozy, inviting study sanctuary. This safe haven would not only be available to my students during class or after school tutoring, but any students on my campus seeking a place rich in warmth, comfort, and reassurance that they can be and will be successful.
    This scholastic shelter will serve as a home away from hom

  • S. Cohen
    S. Cohen, Granada Elementary School, Alhambra, CA

    Deaf, Diverse, Dynamic-Demonstrating Our Potential

    Our K-8 population includes 30 deaf, learning disabled pupils. Cougars work to demonstrate tolerance, cultural awareness and acceptance. We want to invite CJ Jones, international, deaf entertainer, to conduct a performing arts workshop on disability awareness at our school. Jones teaches children that disability contains the word ABILITY.

    The workshop focuses on: storytelling, visual imagery, rhythm, movement, poetry, music, comedy, mime, American Sign Language and improv skit creation. Additional benefits of bridge and friendship building will likely occur between special and general education peers. State standards in Language Arts, Physical Education and Communication will be targeted.

    Jones proves that disability doesn’t interfere with success. His workshop is a vehicle to use to heighten our awareness of classmates who may not hear, see or process information the same as we do. It is an avenue to fulfill our goal of creating “Ohana" (family) within our school cu

  • L. Coronel
    L. Coronel, School of Business and Tourism at Miguel Contreras L.C., Los Angeles, CA

    Students get honored as Hollywood Stars!

    Imagine being honored like a Hollywood Star in high school. Every month our school will have an assembly to honor two students from each grade-level for outstanding citizenship. All students will have a chance to shine and get recognized. Winners will get a certificate, thank-you school supplies, window decal that reads "My child is Student of the Month at …", and be recognized in our school's website and bulletin board.
    Our Student Council will need to purchase a color laser printer, certificate paper, photo paper, colored paper, clear window decal paper, camera, and ink cartridges. For the thank-you packages we will need to purchase school supplies.
    In the past, I have bought materials out of my own pocket, but with your help and, I know we can do a better job in showing appreciation to students for the work they do every day. My school is located in the inner-city of Downtown Los Angeles and these monthly events will create a positive culture at my school.

  • A. Maddox
    A. Maddox, Newman Elementary, Billings, MT

    I think... I wonder...I'm Curious...

    Albert Einstein said, "Never stop questioning.” Inquiry is an important aspect of growing and learning. As adults we question and ponder about many things each day. Students have a harder time expressing and inquiring about their wonderings. I would like to purchase materials that will go along with our standards that will help students to research and inquire about their wonderings in the standards we work with throughout the year.
    Materials such as manipulatives and nonfiction books purchased through will help me to build my classroom supplies and provide for a richer learning environment for my students. I would like to purchase materials for science, social studies, math, and reading that will help promote inquiry projects within my classroom.
    As a second year teacher I do not have a lot of materials to supplement my standards. I am slowly building them up. This grant would allow me to purchase much needed materials to provide for my students.

  • M. Adams
    M. Adams, Ironwood HS, Glendale, AZ

    The Engineering BUZZ - all about STEM

    Our STEM team’s proposal is for our students to build a solar powered training house with an adjacent green house for “Hands-On” training labs for our district students. Those students with the guidance of a local licensed contractor will design, build, and maintain the two houses. The Solar Training House and Greenhouse will be used as “Hands-On” labs for our STEM students and local elementary students. We are requesting the $2500 grant to purchase classroom sets of small electrical and energy kits to be used by our students inside the Solar Training House. Approximately 2000 students will be impacted by these interactive labs, by performing real-life hands-on activities, such as reading test equipment, measuring electrical usage, comparing hydroponics versus soil growth rate, measuring energy usage, testing nutrient levels in water and soil, and analyze the data to solve problems. This project aligns with the new NGSS and College and Career Ready Standards.

  • A. Moehlmann
    A. Moehlmann, Sappington Elementary, St. Louis, MO

    Funding the Fabulous Flyers Fitness Program!

    At Sappington Elementary, we believe in the importance of physical activity. Our amazing teachers designed a program called Flyers Fitness that emphasizes cardio, strength and core exercises, and yoga that runs before school 3 mornings a week from 7:30-8:15. More than 10 staff members willingly donate their morning free time for a program that supports student engagement, community building, and physical wellness. In its early stages, teachers are already reporting increased focus in class and better self esteem. If awarded this grant, your funds will support these volunteer teachers who are in need of supplies to lead the exercise activities such as yoga balls, mats, and blocks.

  • M. Hunt
    M. Hunt, I.T. Stoddard Elementary, Blackfoot, ID

    We're the Crowd That Makes You Proud

    I have the privilege of teaching the most wonderful first graders in Blackfoot, Idaho. I celebrate the diversity in my classroom. We love being known as "the Stars." Every one of my students has a great desire to learn, explore, and play. I expect success, nothing less.
    I want to improve the technology in my classroom by providing a smart board for my students to use, interact, and learn from. A Smart Board allows students to view the lesson created on a computer program. It is a dry-erase white board that is connected to a projector. The visual programs are created, downloaded, and stored. They can be used for storytelling, math skills, language enrichment and science exploration. is a great site to help teachers acquire the materials they need. Receiving this generous grant will help get us back where we belong.

  • S. Depp
    S. Depp, Crews Lake k-8, Spring Hill, FL

    iPads: Art & Technology Working Together

    As an art teacher I believe it is my mission to share with my students all the different ways to make art. However, I work in a low-income area where my budget doesn't provide much in the way of supplies. Since the computer age is here and now, my dream is to bring technology into my art room. To do this I would like to have iPads available for my students. There are many wonderful art applications on the iPad to explore and learn from. Computers are not going away and I can only imagine what they will be like when today's students enter the work force. I feel it is important for my students to know and learn about the many careers in the field of art, a good many of which require the use of technology. Having iPads in my art room would be a great advantage to my students. I see how parents struggle to provide for their children, and I would like to give their children, my students every advantage I can by having the tools available for them to learn and be successful in the future.

  • J. Moore
    J. Moore, Gallatin High School, Gallatin, TN

    N-spiring the Future...The Sky's the LIMIT!!!

    That's AWESOME! I TOTALLY see that now! These are the phrases I LOVE to hear from my math students at GHS. Math is a subject that can cause fear and panic for students. I've made it my personal mission to calm those fears and lead students to an appreciation of the beauty of mathematics. With the technology available today, making math a "real-life" experience is a NECESSITY in the classroom. With this grant, I could provide more of this technology for my students to use. We use the TI-Nspire Graphing Calculator for discovery and application way beyond computation, but I do not have enough for each of my students. The TI-Nspire App for iPad is even more impressive. By purchasing a small classroom set of iPad Mini's, students could use this App for deeper discovery and application of the math around them. I LIVE for the A-Ha! moments in my classroom. With your help, those moments can happen EVERY DAY! The Sky's the LIMIT! Help me N-spire my students as they inspire me!

  • K. Wietholter
    K. Wietholter, Newberry Academy, Chicago, IL

    Let the Battle Begin!

    Battle of the Books will be an exciting competition that allows students to blossom into enthusiastic, passionate readers. Students will become self-motivated and read because they want to, rather than because someone is forcing them to. Students who rarely pick up a book, will begin to devour books! So what does Battle of the Books entail? First, I will divide my classrooms into teams, and each team will be responsible for reading books from a list of 20 titles. These books will be titles that I know will draw in even the most reluctant of readers. After 2 months of reading these books, teams will compete in a grand competition where they work as a team to answer questions about these books. I will evaluate students based on the number of pages read during preparation, student-generated questions, and student performance during the competition itself. The confidence students will gain in their reading ability, however, will undoubtedly be immeasurable.

  • C. Pawlak
    C. Pawlak, Geneva High School, Geneva, IL

    Communication Is Everything!

    Building the skills necessary to ‘get a job’ and ‘keep a job’ are essential; especially with adolescents who have social and communication challenges. Our goal is to develop and maximize interpersonal skills, independence and perspective taking ability. Trying to get a student, who is on the autism spectrum, to see and understand another persons point of view is challenging. Trying to understand the little ‘social secrets’ everyone else seems to know is even more daunting. Videotaping and video self-modeling are powerful interventions. Visual interventions allow the students to see their interactions and read the reactions of others while providing authentic, immediate, cause and effect feedback. Presently, my video technology consists of one I-phone. This grant would provide our students technology to expand visual opportunities to self-model and interpret real situations. All while they are learning to navigate the complexities of the social world and competitive

  • K. Buffum
    K. Buffum, San Marcos Middle School, San Marcos, CA

    Bridging the Literacy Gap

    Too many children are reading below grade level in our country. Unfortunately, this is a fact for every single one of my 8th grade, high risk, high poverty, English Language Learner students. I teach over 130 students and it is my personal goal to increase the literacy levels through intensive intervention, increasing motivation, and ensuring that all my students have a high interest book available for them . My students have tenacity and perserverance to overcome many obstacles and have the ability to increase their reading levels. With this grant it is my hope to purchase high quality, high interest novels through for my students to check out from my classroom library. I know the reading levels and interests of my students and will be able to purchase the appropriate materials for my students. The school library does not have enough books to satisfy all the students on campus and I want to ensure that my students always have a quality book available to them.

  • W. Dues
    W. Dues, Vero beach High School, Vero Beach , FL

    Technology For the Classroom...Join our quest

    I teach Aerosapce Science (JROTC). My students and I are on a mission to put a computer on each desk in our classroom. I started this initiative from a leadeship skills lesson objective on the value of hard work and committment. That you must do for yourself before you reach out a hand for assistance. Show your commitment to yourself and people will willing support your effort. So we did….$2,500 dollars raised by kids to support thier own eductaion goals.

    Classroom technolgy is the key to cutomized instruction based on individual needs. I have a diverse group of students with GPAs from 4.0 to below the minimum graduation requirement of 2.0. The challenge is how to reach each student and challenge them in a 52 minute class session. Moving your lesson plan to the middle to try and accomodate both student …challlenges neither. The 4.0 student is bored and the struggling student still may not be able to keep up with the pace of the class. Technolgy is the key. Join us!

  • E. Betts
    E. Betts, North Harrison, Bethany, MO

    World Drumming to Rural Missouri

    I would like to implement a World Drumming Curriculum to my elementary and middle school classes as not only a part of their everyday music curriculum, but as a after school club as well. As a small school in Northwest Missouri, our school does not have many instruments available to our younger students that will help enhance their music education. Because the Music Department is run as one entity (I teach PreK-6 general music, band and choir) it is very hard to be able to set aside money for a program such as this.

    The interest for this group is there, and so is the support in the community. However, a boost is much needed to get this idea of the ground. I believe that, if funded, the program will not only be successful, but it will help the thrive and give more opportunities to our students.

  • S. Majors
    S. Majors, Van Buren Elementary R-1 , Van Buren , MO

    Computers for the Classroom

    My students are very bright and eager to learn and explore. They take advantage of every opportunity they are given. However, our school is limit when it comes to accessing technology and all that is available for students in this new world. By helping our classroom you will be widening the horizons for these students. With this grant money I would be able to purchase computers and other forms of technology for my students to use in the classroom. These technology pieces would be used to help build language and writing skills through different online programs that help with reading readiness and comprehension building. My students would be able to access math material to help practice skills in a fun setting. We would be able to use these computers to build science and technology understanding with free online access programs that teach science and technology topics. All of these opportunities are out there for my students, all we need is your help with the hardware.

  • L. Empey
    L. Empey, Tyhee Elementary, Pocatello, ID

    IPads for the Classroom

    The grant I am requesting would be used to purchase mini ipads for my classroom. I teach in a school with a diverse population that is 38% Native American and 60% economically disadvantaged. Many of my students come to school lacking the needed vocabulary and language skills to become successful learners . The use of the ipad technology would supplement my teaching of grade level skills through digital literacy with student centered groups and using learning Apps that will help meet the needs of my differentiated learners. I can tailor assignments to meet each student’s needs in by designing folders with different Apps for the needed learning levels of a particular student from my struggling learners to my advanced students. Each student may be using the same App but at the level that is appropriate for that student enabling remediation or enrichment. The use of the mini ipads would benefit the learning of all my students.

  • S. Hardenbrook
    S. Hardenbrook, Tyhee Elementary, Pocatello, ID

    Journeys Through Research

    I teach at a school with a diverse population of students: 38% Native American and Hispanic, 60% economically disadvantaged, and students with special needs. Having a variety of appropriate resources to meet the needs of individuals is crucial.
    Common Core has introduced new challenges for educators and their students. Students in the 2nd grade are required to do extensive research in order to complete numerous performance tasks throughout the year. Students write research papers including but not limited to expository stories, numerous detailed reports on animals and gather information on important figures in their community and/or the United States. They are also required to independently research and present informational projects to their peers. Unfortunately, our nonfiction resources are inadequate. We need more informational texts in order for students to independently be able to complete these assignments with success.

  • A. Vanek
    A. Vanek, Suder Montessori Magnet School, Chicago, IL

    Nutrition Education for Inner City Students

    We would purchase fruit trees for our school Peace Garden and begin a kitchen classroom for our entire school. I would conduct lessons to teach my students about proper nutrition.
    With the purchase of a toaster oven and a hot plate; kitchen tools such as cutting boards, utensils, pots, pans and measuring cups; our community will engage in cooking lessons.
    The idea is to have a small, child-sized kitchen that is accessible to the first, second and third grade students in my class. We would also need to purchase plates and dining utensils for the students to enjoy their fruits of their labors while practicing table manners!
    This grant would enhance our garden by planting fruit trees. Help us purchase an apple tree and berry bushes to produce fruit for many years and students to come.
    Teaching students from seed, to plant, to harvest, to plate; this will be revolutionary in their development. In the age of rampant childhood obesity, my students need this education.

  • S. Andrus
    S. Andrus, Tyhee Elementary, Pocatello, ID

    Adventures with iPads

    I teach in a school with 38% Native Americans & Hispanic and 60% economically disadvantaged students. Frequently many of these students come to school lacking the needed language and vocabulary development to become successful learners. Research shows that students learn at different rates and in different ways. The iPad technology that I am requesting will give me an advantage in developing lessons that will enrich vocabulary, language, writing, and math skills for all types of learners while keeping them actively engaged in the learning process. I am constantly continuing my education and trying to better myself as a teacher. I take advantage of all of the technology programs that are there for the students to use. My students would benefit from using iPads in the classroom and they will be an asset to me as I use them in small group settings to differentiate learning, and provide feedback with individual progress toward meeting the new rigorous standards of Common Core.

  • K. Zauner
    K. Zauner, Shirley and Bill Wallin E.S., Henderson, NV

    Motivating Students With Technology

    Children need to be motivated and participate in meaningful learning activities in order to learn to the best of their ability. Using the latest technology would be very motivating to my students and having access to hundreds of learning programs would allow me to reach each student better. My students are second graders, who have grown up in a very technical world. Many of them are used to using the latest technology in their home environment and often come in to tell me of exciting learning programs they have found at home. I would like all of my students to have access to these programs. Android tablets will help engage the disengaged with access to motivating learning programs tailored to their needs. Some of the most innovative software is designed for tablets and provides students with sights, sounds, and experiences that are unique to their learning path.

  • L. Erger
    L. Erger, Trinity Lutheran School, Billings, MT

    iPad Mini's Lab for First Grade Love of Learning

    Technology is not just for the young, but also for the OLD. I will turn 60 in November and have been teaching for over 30 years. I started my career with overheads and ditto machines and have moved on to desktops, laptops, smart boards and iPads!! What an exciting progression I have been blessed to experience in my years of teaching. I am not too old or too tired to try new things. It is as exciting for me as it is for my first graders to learn new things in new ways that make US think and grow! This summer I attended the Technology Summit that was held in Billings and was able to obtain an iPad mini for my classroom. I have had a tremendous amount of fun discovering new programs and designing interactive lessons for my class. The children absolutely can't wait for their once-a-week turn on the iPad. I would love to have a classroom set so that my students would all get a turn more often. What an amazing blessing this would be for all of us!

  • B. Laing
    B. Laing, CornerStone Christian Academy, Las Vegas, NV

    Making Memories by Reading

    James Bryce penned, The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it. Please, envision sixty-four 5th graders trying to explain to one teacher what they understood from their individual novels. All of my students read independently outside of class, yet I have little means of testing their comprehension on the books they read. Overwhelmed yet hopeful, I know there is an answer! My school began implementing the Accelerated Reading Program in the 2013-2014 school year, but testing each student's progress continually presents challenges. If I had at least five laptops in my classroom, students could randomly take Accelerated Reader quizzes based on their individual reading material. Please, help the students measure the worth of their books by testing what they carry away from them, and assist me in monitoring their progress. Computers would solve my problem. Today's readers will become tomorrow's leaders.


  • K. Olson
    K. Olson, Boulder Elementary, Billings, MT

    Lock In Learning with Legos

    In each of our first grade classrooms we would like to incorporate a different piece of the Lego research-based Curriculum. In Classroom 1 we will work on key language arts standards in the Build To Express Set. Students work on challenges to show their thinking and knowledge, an amazing way for first graders to deepen their knowledge and enhance creativity and problem solving. In Classroom 2, students will build their knowledge of machines while working on problem solving and creativity, working on teamwork and the foundations of physical science by learning about pulleys, levers, wheels, and axles. Finally, we want our first graders to use We-Do Robotics, where students will be introduced to motors, sensors, engineering and programming. Students will be fostering skills needed to develop and meet their potential, inspiring learners with unlimited potential!

  • R. Barth
    R. Barth, Incline Middle School, Incline Village, NV

    SAFE! Stream and Fire Expedition

    My students have a unique opportunity to learn about the science of our amazing surroundings in Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately, our location also makes transportation cost prohibitive. Budget cuts also prevent the purchase of technology. My classroom proposal is to bring 8th grade science students, technology, and community organizations together for a Stream and Fire Expedition (SAFE). Students will collaborate with members of IVGID Waste Not, North Lake Tahoe Fire Department, and Sierra Nevada College at the fire management interpretive trail in Incline Village. Students will conduct stream study experiments, investigate the chemistry of fire, and explore human impact on the Lake Tahoe area. Funding will be used to transport students and to purchase scientific probes. These probes will infuse technology into the outdoor experience and the classroom. After the expedition, students will analyze data, draw conclusions, and develop solutions to reduce negative human impact. Vote SAFE!

  • C. Niemeyer
    C. Niemeyer, Eagle Cliffs, Billings, MT

    Linked Listening Library

    I have the best job in the world. Through amazing grant opportunities, our first grade class has been able to purchase some incredible technology and we are truly 21st century learners. Well, innovative and current in many areas except our classroom library. Our classroom library could use some serious updating. I have two file drawers full of books on cassette tape. Listening to stories read fluently aloud is extremely important for building readers. Having a large listening library in first grade is essential. For several years, I have been scouring garage sales looking for old Walkmans. They are very difficult to come by and even when I do find them, the devices don't last long. Further, it feels silly teaching kids how to rewind a cassette player, a skill they will only ever use in the classroom. I would use this grant to update my listening library to MP3s files. Please consider linking our listening library to the 21 century.

  • S. Hunter
    S. Hunter, Silver Stage Elementary School, Silver Springs, NV

    Learning through Creative Digital Photography

    Students learn in a variety of ways including visually. This method of learning is often overlooked. It would be a benefit to the community of Silver Stage Elementary School (SSES) if we could aid learners at this school by adding digital photography. SSES is in Northern Nevada's Lyon County School District in Silver Springs, Nevada. This is Nevada's largest K-8 school situated in rural Nevada. This Title 1 School earned the distinction of a 2012 Title 1 Reward School by the Nevada Department of Education. Because this is a Title 1 school, most families are low-income. However, students at this school are high achievers with few outlets. Digital photography would be a great outlet. The great educators at SSES find creative ways of teaching. It would be wonderful if digital photography was added as another way. Digital images could illustrate documents, explain mathematical concepts, and give visual directions. SSES appreciates your consideration.

    Scott T. Hunt

  • S. Stauffer
    S. Stauffer, Chief Charlo Elementary School, MISSOULA, MT

    Cultivating a Community of Explorers...

    Pass through the halls of any school, and you are sure to hear bits and pieces of meaningful learning conversations learning taking place. If you passed through the halls of Chief Charlo Elementary last Tuesday afternoon, you may have heard one of my Kindergarteners exclaim, My pumpkin's FLOATING!! After a field trip to a local farm earlier that day, my inquisitive crew was busy checking the buoyancy of the orange orbs they had carefully chosen to study.The shouts of joy and wonder that surround my student's learning discoveries are sounds of which I never tire. Education comes alive when one is able to feel the fleshy pulp of a vegetable's innards, to grab hold of the vine that sustained it's growth. These tactile experiences act as anchors for my kids, giving them background knowledge, and providing for a richer, deeper understanding of content. I would spend the funds on bus fares, worm farms, entrance admissions, magnifying glasses: things that cultivate a community of explorers.

  • R. Groshans
    R. Groshans, Sandstone, Billings, MT

    A Mini World Beyond Textbooks

    My goal is for each student to value the process of learning: observing, questioning, seeking information, mastering concepts, creating, and deepening levels of understanding (Bloom's Taxonomy). Over time they will also make the connection that learning never ends. I am constantly striving to manage both the rigor and relevance with our Common Core curriculum to meet each student's unique needs. The iPad Mini is an amazing learning tool providing unlimited resources, scaffolding and flexibility. It is education streaming at a relatively low cost. Students are interested in, motivated by, and engaged by technology. What is viewed as lifeless words and numbers within a textbook become real with iPad Minis. Curriculum goals are supported with leveled resources ranging from basic understanding to creating. The iPad Mini is an effective tool to hold students attention, embrace the learning process, support and spiral the Common Core curriculum, and configure formative assessments.

  • C. Severe
    C. Severe, CT Sewell Elementary School, Henderson, NV

    Students and the Digital World

    CT Sewell is a Title I school with over 780 students, seeking to increase technology access for students in grades K-5. The 21st century requires students to be involved in the digital world. Students leave a digital print each time they use the Internet. How many of our students understand what this means? Today, students need to be mindful of how they are presenting themselves online and we need to prepare them for the digital world. Increasing the amount of technology available to students at school can enable us to provide educational lessons that will set students up for success in an ever changing world. The library is the best place for students to learn how to navigate the Internet, evaluate the sources, contribute meaningful responses within online learning communities, and collaborate with students throughout the world. Increased technology in the library will impact all students and support our school mission to prepare each student for academic and personal success.

  • T. Hobbs
    T. Hobbs, Chief Charlo Elementary, Missoula, MT

    Common Core Conundrum

    Beginning my career as an educator, I never understood what was meant by, Its just the pendulum swing but after eleven years I now understand. Originally, we were given standards and sent to our classrooms to create every material needed to help our students master the standards. A few years later we were given scripted curriculums and pacing guides and were told what to teach and when to teach it. Today, in Montana, the pendulum has swung back with Common Core Standards. Educators recently received new rigorous standards and have been told to figure out how to teach them. The freedom of the Common Core Standards is liberating, but it makes me feel inadequate too. I don't have the appropriate resources to achieve the math standards and lack the much needed non-fiction literature required in the ELA standards. A grant from would empower me to fill in these holes by buying the appropriate sets of non-fiction books and purchasing meaningful mterials.

  • M. Agostinelli
    M. Agostinelli, CR Anderson Middle School, Helena, MT

    Recognizing Greatness Everyday

    A positive school community is vital to successful academic achievement in students. We are working tirelessly to find ways to recognize greatness at our school. Our plan is to create a digital display showcasing student greatness. By combining a multimedia computer, camera, Apple TV, and a digital display we will be able to achieve our goal. Our student council has already acquired the display and this grant would go toward finishing our vision. Our student leadership team will be tasked with documenting student greatness throughout our school. Our weekly leadership meeting will plan areas of focus for the week. Areas of focus will be in the classroom, in activities, and around town. We will profile 12 middle school students each week on the digital display. By utilizing these tools, students will create video loops to display greatness. This will allow our students to feel connected to the school community and will foster a positive school atmosphere.

  • E. Mulvey
    E. Mulvey, Gwendolyn Woolley E.S., Las Vegas, NV

    Kindergarten Classroom Blah

    Our kindergarten classroom is really humdrum looking. Kindergarten should be a fun, exciting time & the classroom should reflect the enthusiasm of the young students entering a kindergarten classroom for the first year of their education. The tables in our room are mismatched, with many of the cubbies underneath them broken. The storage cabinets (we do not have a closet) throughout the room also do not match. It doesn't look like a fun and exciting place to learn & work. It's a rather small room for our 26 students, but it is ours and I would like to revamp it to look like a kindergarten classroom should! Please help!

  • B. Thompson
    B. Thompson, Dayton Elementary School, Dayton, NV

    Beautiful Clean White Canvas

    I believe that all children begin their Kindergarten year as a beautiful clean white canvas and throughout the year I use my passion for teaching to splash and draw many different colors on them. In my classroom I use the 5 senses to add those colors to help kindergarteners discover a world they want to research and get to know. Funds would be used at to supply our classroom with learning tools that stimulate touch, see, smell, taste and hearing to teach students that there are many different ways to learn. I am a GLAD certified teacher which is a method of teaching students many of the CCSS through science. This method allows me to teach any science unit and easily differentiate learning for low to high students and ELL/ESL students. These science units are created to work with the 5 senses and require many different manipulatives, which I work to acquire through donations or my own expense. Our school is located in a rural area of Lyon County that has a high

  • K. Faust
    K. Faust, Columbus, Columbus, MT

    Three Hour Tour

    How is Gilligan's Island and my classroom similar? My job this year was to be Title 1. But 2 days before school I was suddenly a kindergarten teacher. Student numbers had grown and 4 classes were needed. The only room was a tiny one at the end of the school, far from the other rooms. The room (Gilligan's Island) was filled with music stuff with no shelves, storage, or small chairs, and NO BOOKS! Shipwrecked on this deserted island, I began scrounging. I took anything I could find, even stuff from under the bleachers. But as Gilligan found, improvising can only go so far. What my island needs is kid-sized furniture, perhaps a soft chair to read in. And supplies for stations where budding readers can practice. And I would LOVE some books! We are far from the library. It wasn't a priority for MaryAnn to improve reading fluency and comprehension skills, but it's critical for my students! All I need is access to Mr. Howe's resources, and I'm sure my island will be complete.

  • S. Johnston
    S. Johnston, Las Vegas Academy, Las Vegas, NV

    Nothing's Gonna Stop Me: National Board Edition

    I have toyed with the idea of National Boards for years,yet I have not committed to it because it was an expense I couldn't take on in addition to tuition for my Masters or other finaicial obligations.Finally I decided to swallow my pride and ask my in-laws if I could borrow the money.I know that going through the National Board process will make me a better teacher and that means so much to me.I am ambitious and dedicated to my career and I am always looking to stay innovative and aware of the tools that will help me be better.I know that in turn,my students will receive a better education and that is the win/win.My successes are my students successes so getting Nationally Board certified will benefit us both.My plan was to begin the Take One process for National Boards this fall and work my way slowly through the process.This grant will alleviate the finacial burden of having to pay the fees, giving me nothing to focus on my energy on except passing and gaining knowledge.

  • J. Belcourt
    J. Belcourt, Target Range, Missoula, MT

    1st year teacher who needs books!

    As a first year teacher, you do not know what supplies you are going to need. You start to figure it out as you go, and use your own money to buy these necessities. I started out the year with a completely empty classroom, and have had to purchase what I need as I go. I would like to buy grade level novels to use in my 5th grade reading class. Currently I am buying books from the exchange store or checking them out at the library. Having a classroom set of novels allows me the ability to check comprehension and fluency daily. This grant would allow me to purchase supplies for my classroom without using money from my paycheck. I would be able to purchase classroom maps, a writing program, math manipulatives and subscribe to spellingcity. Thank you.

  • A. Rojas
    A. Rojas, John Dooley ES, Henderson, NV

    Future Forensic Scientists

    Mystery. Suspense. Problem Solving. Creative thinking. These are just a few of the activities that go on regularly in my gifted classroom. The problem: the students are getting more creative than me! I would like to add to my mystery toolbox, by adding a unit from about forensic science.
    My students are highly inquisitive and enjoy the lab aspect of science. Many of my students have such a love of science that they plan on majoring in a science related field in the future.
    Imagine the students' excitement while analyzing fingerprints, comparing fibers using a microscope and asking probing questions to help solve crime. My students often feel disconnected from real world science and these materials would help link tangible learning to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers.
    Even though this unit focuses on forensic science, it allows students to experience proper lab procedures, techniques and accuracy of data in an inquiry-based model.

  • L. McHugh
    L. McHugh, Chief Charlo Elementary, Missoula, MT

    Second Grade Writing Studio

    I grew up immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of a weekly newspaper office. Unlimited access to typewriter, paper, pens, pencils, and crayons provided hours of fun playing reporter. Later, as teenagers, we fed articles through the waxer, stuffed ads, and proofread articles as well. We were actively involved in the writing process. Looking back, I realize how this atmosphere greatly impacted my love for reading and writing. I strive to nurture that same love in my students. Second graders are budding readers and writers. They proudly create and share their work, but supplies are limited. With this grant, I plan to create a print and text-rich studio similar to the newspaper office of my childhood. Funds will be used to purchase supplies my students need to learn about, create and publish their own writing: fun paper, art supplies, magazines, books (fiction and nonfiction), an ipad. Who knows? Maybe we'll even need a typewriter or two!

  • A. Stroud
    A. Stroud, Las Vegas Academy of the Arts, Las Vegas, NV

    Teaching T-Shirt Design for Tomorrow

    I'm a graphic design teacher at a visual arts high school. We recently inherited an old, worn out t-shirt screen-printing setup that needs some tender care and repair. While our students are talented artists, they are not so savvy in business, nor have they ever printed t-shirts before. I want to use the $5,000.00 to repair the equipment, buy missing parts, and purchase start up consumables for my students to get the experience of running their own t-shirt company. We already work in real-world design situations from posters, marketing, and CD design for all of our performing arts departments, but we've never designed and printed the high-demand t-shirts all of these groups desperately need. I intend on training students how to design four color print processes, but also the business skills of pricing, budgeting, inventory, cost analysis, and team-management, The future profits that can be made will benefit their expenses at state design competitions like Nevada SkillsUSA.