Our Mission


Farmers is dedicated to education

At Farmers, we understand how important educating our youth is to the families and communities we serve. While Farmers is proud of our long-time support of education, we want to take our commitment to the next level. That’s why we have launched our own education foundation.

The University of Farmers Education Foundation

The goal of the foundation is not only to support educational organizations and programs, but also to create our own education initiatives. Our very first initiative is to thank the teachers in our schools who we believe all too often go unrecognized for their dedication and hard work.

Thank a Million Teachers

In order to realize this vision, the University of Farmers Education Foundation has set out to thank teachers all across the country and we need your help.   Everyone across the nation is invited to help. Whether it is a student teacher who went the extra mile for your kids or your now retired third grade teacher who taught you to believe in yourself, every person and every family has a story of a teacher that made a positive difference in their lives. It is time to let these voices of thanks be heard.

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