$2,500 Grant Program

Before you fill out the application below, take a moment to review the Terms & Conditions. Proposals will be accepted from January 1, 2014 through 11:59:59 pm PDT on October 31, 2014. Remember that people from all across the country will be able to vote on your proposal. It’s important to make a good impression.

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Farmers wants to thank teachers all across the country. We also want our gratitude to go beyond sentiment and have a genuinely positive impact on the lives of teachers and their students.

Every educator that has been thanked on ThankAMillionTeachers.com is eligible to apply for a $2,500 grant. The winners must use the money to purchase school supplies through AdoptAClassroom.org or have the funds applied toward a professional certification through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS).

In order be considered for the grant a teacher must

  • Be a current K through 12 teacher in the United States
  • Have received a thank you post on ThankAMillionTeachers.com
  • Submit a qualified proposal on ThankAMillionTeachers.com
  • Note: Family members of Farmers Employees, Agents and other affiliated entities are ineligible for grants. Refer to the Terms & Conditions for complete details.

How will proposals be selected?

Proposals will be accepted from January 2014 through the end of October 2014. The proposals will be evaluated and presented for voting on a recurring two-month basis – the first set of proposals submitted in January and February will be voted on in March, the second set of proposals submitted in March and April will be voted on in May, and so on with the final group of submissions in September and October being voted on in November. The proposals will be posted on the ThankAMillionTeachers.com site and voted on by the public. Voting will occur during the months of March, May, July, September and November 2014.

What makes a good proposal?

  • Be Concise: You have 1,000 characters to tell your story.
  • Make the most of it: If you are going to use the funds for an AdoptAClassroom.org credit tell us why it is so vital to your class and the students you teach. Likewise, if you want to put the funds toward a National Board Certification, explain why it is so important to you and the community you serve.
  • Get personal: Speak from the heart. We know there are many extraordinary stories out there and we want to hear them.
  • Grab the reader: Give a title to your proposal. That is what’s going to encourage someone to open your proposal and read it.
  • Be thorough: Please take time to fill out the application completely. Good Luck!

Please note: Grant proposals that do not include adoptaclassroom.org or NBPTS will not be considered. Grant checks will not be written to the winning teachers. The checks will be written to AdoptAClassroom.org and NBPTS and the winning teachers will access their funds through those organizations only.

About AdoptAClassroom.org

AdoptAClassroom.org strives to eliminate the need for teacher-funded classrooms.

Teachers, our education system’s most integral component, suffer from inadequate resources in the classroom, which, in turn, hampers their ability to meet student needs. To compensate, teachers spend up to $1,000 of their own money every school year—totaling $1.3 billion annually—purchasing materials for their classrooms. This lack of funding undermines teacher morale, and ultimately student success.

Research shows that teacher morale and use of hands-on learning materials in the classroom have a direct impact on student achievement.

AdoptAClassroom.org empowers teachers with the funds they need to purchase hands-on learning resources so they can transform their classrooms into vibrant centers for learning—without the out-of-pocket expense.

About National Board Certifications: 

Created for teachers by teachers, National Board Certification is the profession’s highest certification for accomplished teaching. More than 102,000 teachers nationwide have achieved National Board Certification through a rigorous, performance-based, peer review process similar to advanced certification in fields such as medicine. National Board Certification is available in 25 certificate areas, from pre-K through 12th grade. National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) across the country, including 2013 National Teacher of the Year Jeff Charbonneau, are leading the effort to transform the profession. Research shows that NBCTs have a significant impact on student achievement and that their students outperform their peers in other classrooms. To find out more about National Board Certification, go to www.nbpts.org.

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